One More SameGame One More SameGame
Get points for collecting two or more pieces of the same color.
Another implementation of a classic puzzle game where you get points for collecting two or more pieces of the same color. Compete in different levels, share score with your friends or family. Challenging for all kids and adults Highlights: advanced level creating logic sharing results with other members of the same game room mobile and desktop versions of the puzzle
Technical specification Score formula score += (count_of_pieces - 1) ^ 2 * level Internet communication Game does not send nor collects any personal information from your computer. There is no any active internet communication performed by the (unmodified) game. The only communication done is on request to synchronize scores for configured game room number. Game room number You can configure and share among family/friends "random" game room number for which the score could be synchronized over internet. You can change the room number yourself at the menu panel or generate a new one. Synchronizing score When "Synchronize score" button is pressed, game contacts an internet server, sends out your top local scores and merges them with shared results under the same room number. No personal information is collected. Local settings Game uses local preferences file to store the user name and game room number (usually under ~/.config/OneMoreSamegame/onemoresamegame.conf) and LocalStorage database to store top scores (usually under ~/.local/share/onemoresamegame/QML/OfflineStorage/Databases) BUGS: Please report bugs at  
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Latest version: 1.2
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